beth-campbell-dukeBeth Campbell Duke has worked in the biotech and education industries in the past and now brings her skills and experience to HR Consulting. She specializes in the hiring process and in the creation of effective policies and procedures.

Biotech/Regulatory Affairs Beth worked for a decade in the agricultural biotechnology sector where one of her roles was as the Regulatory Affairs Officer.

  • A key role in Regulatory Affairs is to understand, navigate and communicate legislation and policy among multiple stakeholders including provincial and federal government agencies, multiple internal company departments and external contractors.
  • In this capacity she began to realize her strengths in understanding multiple perspectives. She often found herself explaining one group to another – and began referring to herself as the ‘Geek Speak Translator’.
  • A key task of the Regulatory Affairs Officer is to provide information and documentation to the government regulators, internal company departments and customers in a format they were expecting and could understand. This required presenting similar information in a variety of formats – from highly structured scientific and legal documents to articles for customer newsletters.

Teaching/Program Redesign and Delivery On the surface, it might seem odd to transition from biotech into teaching high school, but many of the skills are similar! While Beth was teaching in a formal setting, she was also involved with colleagues in the design and delivery of 2 programs for modified and at-risk students, a curriculum delivery action research project as well as collaborating on writing Advanced Chemistry curriculum.

  • Like policy and procedure work, the design and delivery of specialized programming requires that mission and vision is translated into day-to-day unit and lesson planning – and that outcomes are assessed for efficacy against the initial mission and vision of the program.
  • The key role of a teacher is to translate information into a format that teens will understand. It’s critical that they aren’t just given information – but are given the context to understand and use the information critically. This is a great test of ‘Geek Speak Translator’ skills. 😉

HR Consultation – Since leaving formal teaching, Beth has herself transitioned into HR Consultation after working with youth transitioning from school to work. She has integrated her strengths in these 2 fields of experience to help FN and small-medium organizations with HR issues pertaining to hiring, onboarding and the creation of policies and procedures.

Download a version of my resume: Beth Campbell Duke CV