Beth Campbell Duke: Science Educator, Family Caregiver #TransplantRogue

Beth Campbell Duke, B.Sc., B.Ed., Principalbeth-campbell-duke

Beth Campbell Duke has worked in the biotech and education industries in the past and now brings her skills and experience to Consulting. She specializes in the creating policies, procedures and programs that help empower and engage clients and their stakeholders.

Biotech/Regulatory Affairs Beth worked for a decade in the agricultural biotechnology sector where one of her roles was as the Regulatory Affairs Officer. This is a role that brings a person up to speed fairly quickly on understanding how to manage day-to-day operations so they’re in keeping with legislation and guidelines. It also requires you to present complex information in a variety of formats, depending on the intended audience.

Teaching/Program Redesign and Delivery While Beth was teaching in a formal setting, she was involved with colleagues in the design and delivery of 2 programs for modified and at-risk students, a curriculum delivery action research project as well as collaborating on writing Advanced Chemistry curriculum. And Science Fair!

Consulting Since leaving formal teaching, Beth has found a few niches where her strengths and skills are needed. Life doesn’t always go to plan and Beth has found herself in the middle of personal struggles that involve bigger social issues. Having an understanding of organizational systems has helped her navigate these difficulties and see what issues others around her were struggling with.

CampbellDuke Consulting

I envision a world of empowered people who understand that they have agency and know how to engage in creating their own success.

This is no small feat – and many a beer night and countless policies, projects, systems and programs have been developed, delivered, modified and delivered again in the hope that we’re moving things forward!

I’ve consulted in what seems like a number of areas, but they were all connected because they’re built on my ability to identify systems and create engaging ‘curriculum’ or programs. These are built on a foundation of self-determination and pragmatism.

Due to my recent experience as my husband’s health caregiver, I have shifted my focus to:

  • Health Care Engagement For Patients and Families: I have experienced the steep learning curve of navigating our health care system. I watched other patients and families struggle to comprehend the system, learn the medical aspects of care while being emotionally raw – and developed materials to help transplant families learn how to better navigate the journey ( I am currently volunteering with Family Caregivers of BC, the Patient Voices Network and BC Transplant.

Learn more about why and how I do what I do on these pages: Put People First, Drive Motivation, Keep It Simple.