Child protection policy and procedures are a clear and explicit set of documents that outline why and how an organization intends to handle reported incidents of child abuse or child sexual abuse.

Good policies and procedures are constructed to be in alignment with the organization's stated mission and vision (and the law). They empower the organization's employees and volunteers to make good decisions and take appropriate actions. When shared effectively, policies and procedures provide transparency to employees and the customers/communities that the organization serves.


Child protection policy and procedures are written to serve the needs of the organization and the wider community. They:

  • make it clear to everyone connected or involved with the organization what the organization expects with regard to the treatment of children and vulnerable people, and
  • they clearly communicate to employees, volunteers and the public how to report suspected abuse and
  • what to expect when a report is made.

As with any policy, an organization's child protection policy and procedures must:

  • incorporate and reflect its mission and values,
  • include clearly defined mechanisms for maintenance, updates and communication to all affected staff and community members,
  • outline the scope of the policy and include reference to associated policies and legislation, and
  • clearly outline the expected actions of staff and provide necessary supporting information and documentation.

I Can Help!

  • Review current child protection policy and procedures and help determine updates or changes
  • Facilitate policy and procedure development workshops for your organization
  • Develop staff and volunteer development materials regarding child protection policy and procedures
  • Review and/or develop child protection policy communication strategies