46% of New Hires Fail Within The First 18 Months

Fired BusinessmanOf these, a whopping 89% fail due to a lack of fit with the corporate culture. This means:

  • 11% failed due to poor selection procedures when it pertained to 'hard skills', and
  • We're not so good yet at judging and assessing 'fit'.

Replacing Employees Is Expensive

Depending on the study you consult, the cost of replacing an employee ranges from 6 months wage/salary (for junior employees) up to 18 months salary (for senior employees).

Losing an employee is disruptive and has a financial and potentially a morale cost to the employer and the workplace.

Let Me Help!

I can provide any and all of the following employee hiring services:

  • Creation of job description and job postings
  • Applicant screening
  • Interview planning and execution (including panel selection)
  • Candidate vetting
  • Onboarding