Your business systems are a clear and explicit set of documents that outline why and how your organization 'does things around here'.

Good systems reflect your organization's stated mission and vision (and the law). They empower the organization's employees to make good decisions and take appropriate actions. When shared effectively, business systems provide transparency to employees and the customers/communities that the organization serves.


Business systems are written and documented to serve the needs of the organization and empower your employees. They:

  • make it clear to everyone connected or involved within the organization what the organization does, why the organization operates as it does and how things are done.
  • help organizations run more effectively, positively impact corporate culture and help organizations attract and retain great people.
  • set a foundation for organizational change and/or growth.


An organization's business systems must:

  • incorporate and reflect its mission and values,
  • include clearly defined mechanisms for maintenance, updates and communication,
  • clearly outline the expected actions of staff and provide necessary supporting information and documentation.

I Can Help!

  • Defining your business vision, mission and core values.
  • Developing an organizational chart.
  • Setting up or adding to your organization's systems documentation structure.
  • Reviewing current written systems to determine gaps or inconsistencies.
  • Working with staff during the development and communication processes to ensure transparency and reinforce company morale.