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Learning the Ropes Online Course


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Learning the Ropes membership includes:

  • Lifetime access to module content – including updates to content and the discussion boards
  • Weekly course video conferences

The 4 modules are:

  • Working with your healthcare team in a siloed system
  • Developing your support networks
  • Looking after yourself
  • Getting your legal and financial poop in a group



Learning the Ropes Online Course Includes:

  • Lifetime access to module content – including updates to content and the discussion boards
  • Weekly Daily course video conferences

Week Day 1: Working With Your Healthcare Team in a Siloed System

Module Description

Many more of us find ourselves having to manage our own or a family member’s ongoing medical care. Patients and families are having to take on a greater role in the healthcare system, and yet there’s little, if any, training for us.

During this week, we’ll build a basic patient information binder and learn more about some optional digital tools that we can use to help us get organized, stay on top of medications and appointments and communicate more easily with the multiple healthcare providers we encounter on our healthcare journeys.

Topics Covered

  • Expectations on Patients and Families in the 21st Century: Our ’New Work’
  • BYOB: Build Your Binder
  • Using Your Binder Before, During and After Appointments

Week Day 2: Developing Your Support Networks

Module Description

During this week, we’ll create CareMaps that diagram our own patient and/or caregiving situations. The CareMap is invaluable in helping us better visualize all of the people involved in our care network – both formal and informal. .

If you’re a patient or family member/caregiver, having a CareMap is a great start in getting more clear on the resources we have and the gaps we need help with –  so we can move more smoothly through a healthcare journey.

Topics Covered

  • Drawing a Care Map
  • Assessing your CareMap and Identifying Gaps
  • Finding Support & Resources: Online and IRL

Week Day 3: Looking After Yourself

Module Description

Just as there’s precious little training in how to interact with the healthcare system – there’s even less help in managing the stress arising from interacting with the healthcare system. Patients and family caregivers find themselves stressed from their ‘New Work’ and further stressed by the lack of support in carrying the added burdens of healthcare.

And then we’re often told to ‘look after ourselves’ – which is one more thing on a list we’re not getting accomplished. If you are tired just reading this description, then this course is for you.

Topics Covered

  • Reviewing Your CareMap to Identify Non-Medical Supports Needed
  • The Wellness Wheel – Paying attention to your Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual balance
  • Maintaining balance in a time of great stress

Week Day 4: Getting Your Legal & Financial Poop In A Group

Module Description

If you’ve been told to ‘get your affairs in order’ and are still feeling a bit (a lot!) shell-shocked and don’t know where to turn, this is the place!

We cover the basics of financial and legal planning, including discussing things like finding government supports, and what legal documents it would be good to have in place. This is especially important to do if your situation is going to have a big impact on your ability to work going forward. This can be a terrifying time!

Topics Covered

  • Reviewing your CareMap and Wellness Wheel to identify legal and financial issues
  • Basics of financial and legal planning for patients and families
  • Finding and accessing financial supports

Author: Beth Campbell Duke

Beth is a science educator and family caregiver for her husband Tony who had a lung transplant after a decline in health and end-stage lung failure. She's now helping patients and families navigate the complex Canadian healthcare system - informed by their lived expertise.