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Navigating Healthcare Canada

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Navigating Healthcare Canada is a website I set up after Tony’s lung transplant. It evolved from work I was doing on a website we set up before his transplant called, ‘Transplant Rogues’.

That’s when I realized that the experiences we were having navigating the healthcare systems weren’t limited to transplant patients!

Navigating Healthcare Canada

There’s a lot to learn when you find yourself having to navigate the healthcare system in the midst of a medical crisis. Our healthcare systems were in distress before COVID, and the situation is now considerably worse.

I can help people better understand how the system works, and provide some information and resources on how to better navigate it. However, returning ‘health’ and ‘care’ to our healthcare systems will take decades.

Don’t despair! It’s true that our healthcare systems in Canada are in crisis which puts extra burden on patients and family care partners to deal with. And it’s also true that there are more patients, care partners and healthcare professionals speaking up and advocating – increasingly together! And that gives me hope.

Read more about me and my work with Outside the Lines Communications.

Author: Beth Campbell Duke

Beth is a science educator and family caregiver for her husband Tony who had a lung transplant after a decline in health and end-stage lung failure. She's now helping patients and families navigate the complex Canadian healthcare system - informed by their lived expertise.